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About Paakashala

Culture of Care: Discover the Paakashala Difference

Experience the vibrant flavours of India and beyond at Paakashala, where a commitment to freshness and time-honoured recipes has delighted millions of customers for over 30 years. Inspired by Shri KN Vasudeva Adiga’s culinary legacy, we offer an extensive menu with over 325 dishes across 5 cuisines. Savour Bangalore favourites like crispy dosas, the perfect idli-sambar combo, and flavourful curries – all made with care from the freshest ingredients.

With 32 branches across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and even Singapore, you’ll find Paakashala’s delicious vegetarian cuisine in bustling cities and along convenient highways. Our dedicated team of more than 2100 members create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring your experience is as enjoyable as the meal itself. We uphold the highest hygiene standards for your peace of mind.

Paakashala is where flavour meets connection. Whether you crave a leisurely feast or a quick, satisfying bite, discover the joy of authentic vegetarian cuisine and create lasting memories.

Our Vision

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To serve Indian vegetarian food in a hygienic environment in all its true original flavours.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to uphold Indian traditional vegetarian cuisine amidst diverse food cultures globally. Paakashala aims to establish its branches worldwide, spreading the rich flavours of Indian culinary heritage.



The House of Cookery

The name Paakashala means “House of Cookery.” It signifies our dedication to preserving the rich traditions of Indian vegetarian cuisine, passed down through generations. We take pride in crafting authentic dishes that nourish both body and soul.
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Our History

Culture of Care: Discover the Paakashala Difference


The culinary journey that would lead to Paakashala begins with Shri KN Vasudeva Adiga’s parents, KN Nageshwara Adiga and KN Saraswati. In 1965, they started Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, serving 5 now-iconic dishes. Smt. KN Saraswati’s delicious chutney and other recipes laid the foundation for the family’s legacy.

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In 1993, Shri KN Vasudeva Adiga transformed Bengaluru’s dining scene with “Adiga’s”. His innovative take on the darshini model offered quick service and hearty, home-style vegetarian cuisine. This expansion built a Bangalore food empire, growing from 1 to 25 locations.

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Shri KN Vasudeva Adiga’s contributions were nationally recognized, with Forbes India highlighting his blend of tradition and entrepreneurial spirit. A significant investment from New Silk Route (NSR) in 2012 fueled further expansion for the “Adiga’s” brand. Throughout this growth, the focus on fresh, clean, and delicious vegetarian food remained paramount.

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A New Chapter

Later in the 2010s, Shri KN Vasudeva Adiga embarked on a new venture, fully separate from “Adiga’s”. In 2018, he founded Paakashala. This beacon of vegetarian multi-cuisine excellence embraces tradition while looking to the future.
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Paakashala Today:

Paakashala continues to grow, with over 2000 dedicated team members across 32 branches. Now present throughout Karnataka (with a special focus on Shri KN Vasudeva Adiga’s coastal heritage), Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and even Singapore, Paakashala brings the warmth of traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine to the world.
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Nandi Upachar: Where Flavour Meets Convenience

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From the team behind Paakashala comes Nandi Upachar, strategically located on the famous NH 44 highway at the Nandi Hills junction. Whether embarking on an adventure to the ancient Lepakshi temple, the awe-inspiring Isha Adiyogi Centre, the scenic Nandi Hills, Bengaluru Airport, or other regional attractions, Nandi Upachar is the perfect place to refuel and recharge.

Enjoy spacious dining, swift service, and a menu of classic North and South Indian favourites, Chinese specialities, and refreshing beverages – all prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional flavours. The darshini-style quick-service section is an oasis for travellers, while ample parking makes Nandi Upachar a go-to destination for biking groups & tourists alike. Discover the convenience and delicious flavours of Nandi Upachar on your next journey.

Our special services offered to customers in variety of methods;

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